21st JuLY, 2018

    Let's Unite the World in Dance

  • Watch World Dance Day 2018

    This shows you what we created in 2018 and look forward to creating even bigger in early 2019!

  • Listen to the Mix & Peace Creating Activities

    Listen to the mix with the peace-creating voice-over.

    Listen to the mix without the voice-over.

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  • Why Are We DANCING?

    To create an international celebration of our shared humanity, demonstrating how dance can unite the world in a day.


    Watch this video to find out more from the Founder!

  • Imagine the world dancing together as ONE

    Dance is a universal language we all share, when we dance together we send a powerful message to ourselves and the world that says we're stronger united as one.

    Imagine hundreds of thousands of people out on the streets sharing their dance moves in public! We will share the peace creating power of dance side-by-side with our global family.


    You are a valued part of making this happen in your city, town or village.

  • How It Works

    Hundreds of thousands of people in cities all over the world will meet in the centre of town on the 21st of July, 2018 to dance through the streets to the same mix of music!


    You will officially register as Dancer or City host organiser, so we can send you the Mp3 mix of music and give you all the information you need about World Dance Day.


    Find Your Local Event

    The City host organiser will create the facebook event, start-time, meet-point and dance route for you to meet on 21st of July, 2018. You will be emailed your local event details when it becomes available, or you can check the global map or the global list. This is constantly updated on this website as more and more city hosts join.


    Meet at the Location on 21st of July

    You will be emailed the mix of music to download onto your phone, the exact start time and location. Then we all countdown together, press play at the same time and begin listening to the mix on our headphones.


    Start Your Dance Party!

    The 1 hour mix of music has world music and peace creating instructions (Available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish) like handing out hi-fives or free hugs to strangers while the music plays. You will go on an adventure through your city centre creating peace and joy where ever you go!


    Upload Your Video

    To be featured in the global video compilation you will need to use the hashtag #worlddance and then we, The Liberators International will compile it into a global video showing the world dancing together as one.

  • Global Map Of Dance Events


    This event is made possible because of everyday hero's like you who volunteer to organise the World Dance Day in your local town centre. Becoming a host is super easy and very rewarding. Watch this video to find out more.

    Why become the Host Organiser?

    The primary advantage for being the host is that you make the celebration possible in your town centre! Instead of waiting for something to happen, you become the legend who makes it happen. Friends and family will be grateful that you took initiative to bring such a wonderful experience to your town.

    What's Involved?

    As host, we give you a step by step "How to Host Guide" after you register as your city host so it's really easy to organise. You will be responsible for creating and managing the facebook event for your town, choosing the event location and start time. You will also be the main point of contact for other people who have questions about your event in your city. This is simple.

    How Easy Is It?

    We've prepared information packages and video tutorials so it's as easy as possible. There will also be people in your city who volunteer to help you create the event which we will share with you. You will also be invited to join a private online facebook community of global city host organisers where you can ask questions, learn great life skills, meet new international friends which will help you create a great event.


    What skills/experience will help?

    If you already run a small group, manage a facebook page or have organised a birthday party for someone these skills will come in handy. If you're feeling unsure, ask a friend to become the host with you. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!


    The Liberators International are the global organisers for this dance event, and we are a global team of people with a passion for creating global events that unify our sense of humanity. So far we've created 5 global events. Take a look at some of our previous global events to get a feeling for what we're going to create this year!

    World Eye Gazing Event

    Over 100,000 participants sharing eye contact with strangers in cities all over the world.

    World Singing Event

    7am on a Monday morning we created a global sing-a-long to show the world signing together as one.

    Global Hugging Event

    Our first global event, demonstrating the power of hugging in public spaces all over the world.

    TEDx Talk from Global Founder Peter Sharp

    Learn about the story of the founder of this global event.

    The Good Vibrations Barcelona Mp3 Experiment

    Good Vibrations Barcelona, are the original Liberators and created the experiment in 2013. We are closely connected to this group and love everything they do. This Mp3 Experiment gives you an idea of what we are set to create in cities all over the world!

    The Liberators Mp3 Experiment from Perth

    Your event will look and be like this except in a more public location and with better music.

    Improv Everywhere Mp3 Experiment

    Charlie and the Improv Everywhere crew based in NYC have helped inspire the creation of this event. They create hilarious and awesome public experiments.

    Silent Disco Squad from Montreal

    These guys have been throwing Mp3 parties for quite a while and their work has helped inspire this global event. Check them out!

    These guys have inspired us with their awesome public parties!


    Get your official event T-shirt to support dance around the world!

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